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Events in 2024

You can hear more about my work at the following conferences and workshops I will be attending this year.

Zurich (Switzerland) | 17 January

Keynote talk on self-organization in social systems, emphasizing on collective animal behaviour. 
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Part of Biology24 (18-19 January), the largest conference of organismal biology in Switzerland.

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Corsica (France) | 27-31 May

Invited talk on dynamics of collective motion across animal species and applications towards bio-hybrid systems, at the interdisciplinary workshop on Collective motions of animals and robots.

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Bilbao (Spain) | 15-19 July

FSBI 2024 Annual Symposium

Presentation of my Postdoctoral Travelling Fellowship work at the group of Prof. Dr. Jens Krause at Humboldt University of Berlin, on the effect of behavioural individuality on the collective dynamics of a genetically identical fish (Poecilia formosa).

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Plön (Germany) | 12-14 November

Plenary talk on social interactions in animal collectives at the 7th Annual ESLR Workshop, at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology.

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